Craig Williamson

      I am a computer technician by trade. I have worked with desktop PCs since 1984 and servers mixed in there. When I first started I was repairing graphics cards for the IBM XT for a company called Vectrix back in Greensboro, NC. That company was bought and the name absorbed.

      I then worked for NCR in Columbia, SC for 13 years. I supported the PCs and Unix servers as well as printers, and video conferencing equipment. There were some good times there early on as the division was making money and was able to show it to the employees. After a while they had to stop that and it wasn't as much fun. I was in a group supporting the development of the hardware and software for our mini computers. At that time corporate IT did not know how to support them so our group was safe. As time went on those parts were sold off and they finally laid us off.

      I then worked for 2 months with Microstaff, a company created by an NCR employee, to move the people and product the company SteelEye purchased from NCR. IT was a good little job, but I wasn't able to be hired by SteelEye.

      I then went to another NCR spinoff, VC3. I worked in Raleigh for a year assisting an NCR purchaed company be absorbed into NCR. I was able to work with the network, servers, and desktops. That was OK and the enviornment was pretty good. Once that was done I went to Atlanta with VC3 to support 3 small city governments there. Shortly after 9/11;/2001 I was laid off.

      After that I was looking for work. I worked at Roehl transport driving trucks, a call center supporting DSL, and in the field replacing parts in Dell computers. Not a fun time, although I did meet my wife at the call center.

      I then moved to Oklahoma City, OK looking for work as the job prospects in Columbia were running dry. I needed something better than I had as I wasn't making enough money and tearing up my truck driving it all over the state. I found a job here replacing toner and repairing printers. While I was doing that an opportunity came up at Dell supporting servers. The only drawback was it is a call center. I wanted to get back into computers and that gave me a chance to get some more server experience under my belt. I worked there for 2 years.

      I am now looking for work in a tough economy. I am considering creating web pages for anyone needing one. When I was in Columbia, SC I put togeter the web page for the model train club I was in, AMROC. I built that one from scratch. I also have this page which is an update from what I had before. I am starting on a page for an Attorney friend, I wll link that once it gets going. We are also working on web pages for our scout troops. I was given control of the page for the model railroad club I am now in, OK-Nrail. I have a page for my wife Michelle. So if you need a web page let me know and we will see what we can put together for you.

      I am also looking at repairing PCs. I have been cleaning malware off some PCs already and assisted in replacing a power supply. So that is another possibility. I have been repairing PCs for businesses for over 15 years so it makes sense.

I have a text version, an HTML version, a Microsoft Word version, an Open Office version, an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) version, and an AbiWord version of my resume.