Craig Williamson

This is a history of Craig Williamson

I was born in El Monte, CA. I do not remember much of that time until after we moved to Millbrae, CA to this house:

This was a neat house. The back yard was terraced into 2 sections with the top one having grass at the time. This picture looks like it is now something else. My brother and I were in a large room in the back. What was neat about this is there was a room added over the extension of the garage which connected to the back side of our room. We could go out a window to that room. The retaining wall was not there on the street side and there was a tree next to the driveway that I used to climb. In the extended room off teh basement/garage we had an O-Guage Lionel model train set up. I think it was purchased assembled as it had the track and scenery there. We had fun with that for a long time. I still have the train and track for that. We burned out the transformer.

During that time I went to Highlands Elementary School, San Mateo, CA and Meadows Elementary School, Millbrae, CA (not completely sure about this one but it looks like it is located in the right place). I don't remember too much about either school other than I rode my bike to the second one and started band there. Me and Jim Hudson 3 houses west of our house choose trumpet and Danny Stefani kinda across the street chose trombone.

We then moved to Kennesaw, GA:

This was also a neat house. It was a split level with a semi finished basement. I got the bedroom in the finished part of the basement. It was 25' x 10', huge for a kid my age. In the arial shot you will see houses to the north and west of our house. When we were there there was a farmer's feild and woods to the north and woods to the west. It was great as we had all those woods to play in. We got our first cat here and also a dog. The train set was switched over to HO and the O stuff was put in a box. My room became a play room and we had 2 tables set up with a lego city built on it that kept changing. I started cub scouts here starting from webelos as that was the age I was. I got my arrow of light and started boy scouts. I had to stay out a year in band as they did not start band until the 5th grade in GA. These are the schools I attended: Big Shanty Elementary, Kennesaw, GA and JJ Daniell Middle School, Marietta, GA

We then moved to Greensboro, NC where I claim I grew up.

I went to these schools while there: Northeast Guilford Junior High (now middle school), McLeansville, NCand Northeast Guilford Senior High, McLeansville, NC. One year we planted a christmas tree just to the right of the driveway. We went back to the house years later and noticed the tree was a foot into the driveway. This tree kept the lower brances at ground level, just making them wider. The house to the left was not there when we lived there. It was a steep drop off about half way into that yard. We had a small garden on the left side of the house on part of the lot next door. I used to ride my skateboard down the driveway and into the street. Worked out pretty well in our culdesac. I stayed in band all through high school and did marching band as well. I got my Eagle Scout and Order of Arrow. I also worked 3 years at Boy Scout summer camp. During High School I worked after school with someone from church building wooden chaise lounges and chairs as well as fixed answering machines. I went to Wingate University, Wingate, NC for 2 years and North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC for 1. I then started working as an electronic technician at Vectrix building grahics cards for the then new IBM PC/XT. I also finished up my Associates degree at Guilford Technical Community College, Jamestown, NC . I moved to a rented house, cannot find this one on google, with Mark Schickedantz who I met at Wingate. We both worked at Vectrix for a while. In 1987 I moved out of Greensboro in 1987 when my parents moved to Ohio and left me with no connections to Greensboro.

I then moved to West Columbia, SC to Forest Brook Apartments and started working for NCR.

I was in the bottom apartment on the back side in this photo. I spent 10 years in that apartment. At NCR I worked on UNIX mini computers and X Window terminals. I then got moved to a group supporting Windows 3.1 workstations. I eventually supported NT servers, Windows 95/98, printers, plotters, conference rooms while at NCR. It was a fun time for most of it. While still working for NCR I moved to this house(the one to the left of the one labelled C):

That is not the street number. This is after I moved out and they replaced the fence in the back yard and removed all the pompas grass, that is that covered spot in the left of the picture. This house has a pool. I worked at NCR for 3 more years and then got laid off. I got picked up by an NCR spinoff, Microstaff and worked contract for 2 months moving a purchased part of NCR across the parking lot to SteelEye. After that I got picked up by another NCR spinoff VC3 and worked for 1 year in Raleigh moving an NCR purchased company, Serius, to the NCR domain. I was then moved to the Atlanta office of VC3 to support 3 city governments there. I was then laid off after 6 months there. I stayed at the house looking for work. I finally took truck driver training classes and got my Class A Commercial Driving License. I then drove for Roehl for 5 months. That didn't work out. So I was looking for work again. I then got a job at Calltech feilding support calls for Bellsouth DSL. Not fun. Call centers have too many rules. I can see why no one wants to call them. I met my wife there. We both got fired on the same day about a month later. After a couple of months I found a job working at Banctec doing field service for Dell. I kinda liked it but the driving all over the state was killing my truck. I wasn't making enough money for what it was costing me either. I started looking for something else.

That something else was not to be found in SC. We moved to Midwest City, OK.

The job I cam for did not work out so I had to look for something different. The job market here is better than Columbia, SC though. I found a job with Knight Systems delivering toner and fixing printers. I alos had to get a car as my truck died when we got here and the other car dies shortly thereafter. I spent about 7 months there and then got hired at Dell. It was a call center which I didn't like, but it was supporting servers which gave me some more skills and it was still working with computers. After a year at the original house we moved to a better house.

I worked at Dell for about 2 years and got released from that, metrics at a call center. So now I am looking for a new job.