Craig Williamson

      Welcome to my little world on the web.

I am a computer technician by trade so most of my interests center around that.

      I enjoy model railroading. I started when I was young with an O-scale(1:48) layout. This was in the back room of the garage in that first house on my history page. Several of us kids enjoyed it until we moved. We had managed to smoke the transformer so I do not think it is any good anymore. We took that layout when we moved and set it up in the back corner of the basement. The O-scale stuff was removed and packed away, I still have it, and an HO scale(1:87) layout was put on that frame. That lasted for a couple of years and we moved again. The layout was stored in the garage and not really used after that. When I left I took the HO scale stuff and stored it away in a box, still have it.

      After several years in South Carolina I started collecting N-Scale (1:160) equipment. After some looking I finally found a model train club, AMROC, and joined their club. The club had a layout, but was starting to get into N-Trak modules. This allowed you to build a section for your own and connect it to other modules at shows. We used it during the club shows. I made a module that was never finished. It has track and has been used at several shows, but it is just a hillside. There is a picture of it on one of the show pages. They did not have a web page so I asked if I can create a web page for them. What they have now is basically what I had with little changes. They are updating the front page with show information, but not too much was added.

      After moving to Oklahoma, I found a new club OK NRail. They are strictly N-Trak modules. We have a place in the local mall that gives us a space to have a layout set up and run trains. Someone is there every weekend to run trains and show off the hobby. We are also working in z-scale (1:220) that I bought for my wife back in SC when she saw it and decided she would try modelling but had to be different. We are getting that integrated into the club.

      I have dabbled in playing the synthesizer and have a few here. We took most of that down when Michelle and I got together to make room and I haven't had a place to set them back up near my computer. I will try something to see what I can do because I want to start playing with music again. I played trumpet in high school and 1 year of college and want to do something with music again. We got the game guitar hero world tour with the whole set so Michelle and I can learn drums. Playing drums on that game is similiar to playing real drums as far as getting rythms down and learning the different parts.

      And of course I like computers. I have an old Windows 98 computer that I cannot update to anything so will need a new windows computer at some point. I think I am going to wait until Windows 7 is released before I look at that again. I also have a Linux PC running Ubuntu version that is my main PC right now. I am also building a Debian Linux PC to use as a file server for all of us. I don't think I will be able to just get rid of a windows based PC as there are more apps available for it than Linux. I am going to see what I can do under Linux for my music stuff anyway. Both of my Linux PCs are underpowered, but I wouldn't want to try to put windows XP on either as they are way underpowered for windows. I get stuck scrounging for a workable PC for myself. It is about time I get my PC updated. Just need to get a source of funds for that.

      I like taking pictures. I like nature pictures. Check out my picture link on the left. I have an SLR camera but don't use it much as I have 16 rolls of film I need to get developed so it just takes too long and costs extra to get that done. We bought a Canon SX10IS that I like a lot. It will probably replace the SLR. I can do almost everything I could with the SLR with that and it is digital on top of it so that means the pics will come off quicker. My wife is the main user of the camera and posts most of the pictures on her blog. I need to get my pictures from her PC and put them into the web.

With all this talk about mp3 downloading I found this little rant from Janis Ian about the music downloading problem. Nice to hear this from a musician's point of view.

I needed access to some shell scripting references so am putting them here:
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
Bash Beginners Guide
UNIX/Linux Shell Scripting cheatsheet
UNIX shell scripts
Korn Shell
Shell Scripting
UNIX scripting

In case I want access to AIM from another PC without it installed, give AIM Quick buddy a try.

In case I need a copy of PuTTY, I now have one.

Click for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Forecast

Just thought I'd try this:

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